A Christian-based charity providing support to Moldova.

Cited by the United Nations as the poorest country in Europe and a former Soviet Republic.

Moldova is a landlocked state located between Romania to the west and the Ukraine to the north, east and south.

The Moldova Coat of ArmsIt gained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 and was admitted to the United Nations in 1992. In September 1990, a breakaway government was formed in Transnistria, the strip of Moldova on the east bank of the river Dniester. After a brief war in 1992, it became de facto independent, although no UN member has recognized its independence.

Population: 3.5 million (UN, 2011)

Capital: Chisinau

Area: 33,800 sq km (13,050 sq miles)

Major languages: Romanian (called "Moldovan" in official documents), Russian

Major religion: Christianity

Life expectancy: 66 years (men), 73 years (women)

Monetary unit: 1 leu = 100 bani

Main exports: Foodstuffs, animal and vegetable products, textiles

GNI per capita: US $1,980 (World Bank, 2011)

Internet domain: .md

International dialling code: +373

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