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The family Rusulschi and friends visited several gypsy sites in Romania over the Christmas period.


Directly after the church on December 25, the family and friends travelled to Romania.

Total 10 people. It was a beautiful time in Romania, even though the roads were bad because of the snow. The heater in the car became damaged so the windows steamed up but they were glad to serve there with carols.


A 5 day trip and visited a house of orphaned children. Samuel sang a few songs with them and told them about the birth of the Lord. In that house a sister works from the village of Sirma, works with the children and helps them to know God, it's a Christian orphanage. They visited two localities of Gypsies and they have previously visited other families in the area.


in Romania it is very ritualistic on New Year's Day, to this day most people they hide in demons and goats and make a demonized manifestation, it's something very awful and satanic. In that area there are very few believers but through carols they spoke about the birth of the Lord and gave leaflets and bibles.


On December 30, they returned to the country and they were ready to go again with the carols. On January 6/7 they celebrate the old-style Christmas and tomorrow, January 6, together with some young people, they will go to two villages with carols in the village of Bestimac and in the village of Sirma.


And on January 7th we will go to the village of Tigheci. In the village of Tigheci, they have worked with the young people for about two years and they are glad that there are young people who have repented in these vilages and the work goes ahead. January 13 will be the new year old style and they hope to go carolling in the village of Andrușul de Jos.

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