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Catastrophic problems have hit the church building in Leova leaving it unstable.

leova church damage02

The whole of the back wall of the church building had developed large cracks and subsided, this affected five rooms of the building in total.

leova church damage01

CEEM, together with Over Baptist Church, St Neots Evangelical Church and Kingfisher Church have already given donations for the initial stages to rebuild the damaged areas such as the foundation stones and stones for the walls.

Building materials purchased: 26 m3 limestone blocks for walls, and 30 tons of gravel. Together with sand, cement and reinforcement and some planks for the foundations.

The young people brought these materials to the church yard. The trucks unloaded the materials on the road because they could not unload in the yard.

They had to demolish the ceiling to release the walls from the weight of the broken ceiling. Then they will demolish the interior walls that separate the rooms. They will try to tear down all the outer walls and lay the foundation then to build the walls.

But they knew that soon the snow would come, and the frost will delay the rest of the construction. It is hard for them because there are few workers. Most of the young people are at universities and others at school until late.

leova church01

leova church02

leova church03

leova church04

leova church05



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