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Talk being given to the Parents in the Hope Centre

It was a great day when Pastor Andrei of the Biserica Baptista Burlacu invited the parents of the Meal-Deal children to the Hope Centre.

Pastor Andrei invited the parents to discuss what activities the children take part in at the Centre. The children also sang and the young people performed a series of musical numbers.

Approximately 30 parents were able to come to hear about their children's activities and it was very positive that so many were in the country and able to attend.

Pastor Andrei also preached from the Gospel and they were able to give out gifts to the parents at the end of the day.

Pastor Andrei helping to give out the gifts

The children singing to their parents.

The children of Burlacu singing to their parents

The young people singing and musicians.


And the Centre was certainly busy, everyone had a wonderful time.

The busy Hope Centre in Burlacu for Parents meeting



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